“NEW Visions’ concept has been extremely important for me personally and also for many of our employees. I found myself in a situation where I was stressed, unfocused and not performing at the level I knew I was capable of. By using the ideas and the concept of NEW Visions I was able to get in control of my time, the way I prioritize and my activities. I got a better overview and therefore I was able to be more strategic in the way I think, in the way I react and in the way I lead. When people around me, such as my family, my employees and others began to notice the changes, I decided to bring NEW Visions consultants to USA to work with all our leaders. This I have never regretted.”

Ulf Hahnemann, CHRO, MAERSK, Transport & Logistic

NEW Visions have been in USA and Canada and trained 150-200 of Ulf’s Employees.  


“I use the principles myself and have had a lot of employees through the course. This has enhanced my own career and a lot of others too. I would say – that if you take this course – you achieve great results with at minimum investment. You will get more energy at work and more energy at home. You get a grip of things, you are on top of things and are not thrown off by ad-hoc tasks. If you implement the principles you will become more efficient and just as important, people around you will perceive you as being more efficient. Get a grip on things – and become more efficient – because you can’t afford not too”




”In my opinion the book is a must have for all leaders today. The book is easy to read but at the same time it’s focused about implementing a set of simple tools and routines in your daily life. I know for a fact, that is has meant a huge difference in both my work life and my private life. You will experience a huge improvement within a very short while.”


NEW Visions have in 10 years trained 1700-1800 employees at Deloitte in becoming more efficient.    



” It is the most beneficial course I have ever attended”  

Mette Rask Andersen, PA to EVP of Supply Operations, Novozymes

NEW Visions have in 10 years trained 700-800 employees at Novoymes in becoming more efficient.