How we work

We are different from our competitors….

And that is not something we want to hide……

When attending our training programmes, you are the one in focus. The training is based on your daily work – and that’s not something we just say – we actually mean it!

We have no power point presentations, no fancy buzz words or in-depth theories which might work in 2-3 years from now. In the current zeitgeist we know that new approaches need to work fast – and all our trainings are based on that.

Our training programmes, are practical and based on tools…..

On our trainings programmes you will get the knowledge and the tools to an easy implementation which will make things work for you on a daily basis. It is not until things are fully implemented in your daily work that you will gain your financial and time investment back. Therefore, our participants work with their own tasks and emails – from day 1 participants start the implementation and use their newly acquired skills.

We provide an ongoing follow up. We know that if old habits are to be changed, it requires an intense training program with follow up as an essential part. Something which very often is not prioritized and the result is then often unsatisfied.

All our training programmes consists of a personal feedback with concrete actions which you need to work with in order to reach the goals you have set for your training and your personal development.

We do things to the advantage of the costumer…..

Individual adjustments – the training happens at your desk with your own tasks and emails.

The ongoing follow up part ensures that tools, systems and methods are fully implemented and thereby adds value.
We want to make sure that all participants benefit from the group trainings – so we always train smaller groups.

No attendance – no pay! Does your current provider have the same terms!?

We are experts…

We have many years of leadership and consulting experience acquired from many different industries. We have trained over 13,000 participants in a wide range of  private and public companies.

We are experts in Personal Planning and Efficiency, Effective Meetings and Competent Meeting Facilitation and we work dedicated with this – other things we leave up to others – we stick to our expertise and what we do best!

We take our own medicine…

We continuously work to improve the quality of our work – and that reflects in everything we do. Even tiny details are corrected in order to make sure that our training concepts, training methods and course material always are updated.
We are extremely dedicated and ambitious and we always strive to be best in class.