Stress Prevention

Maybe you know this:

You a behind and you feel the pressure more and more. Deadlines are not met and you may even forget somethings. You lack an overview and the situation is a bit chaotic.
Your workdays are already very long and you could easily stay another hour or two – you have plenty work to do! When you finally have time to relax, your head is spinning with work related tasks and you never have the feeling of really relaxing and recharging your mental batteries. You are not satisfied with the situation and maybe you don’t sleep good at night. You are about to be stressed!

But it does not have to be that way! There are many things that you can do to improve your work situation.
To begin with we will recommend that you sign up for the course – “Stress Prevention”.

At this course you will learn:

  • To prevent the bad stress and to make sure that the current work situation doesn’t occur again.
  • That when you are on top of things – it is not likely that you will get the bad stress. At the same time, you can endure a huge workload.
  • That the overview of your own work situation is fundamental for making a good and realistic prioritization and thereby making sure that the daily goals are reached.
  • That good planning and prioritization increases the efficiency.
  • That an untidy desk and lack of structure creates stress
  • That disturbances can create a bad working rhythm, increase the risk of errors and reduce the efficiency.
  • To get a good decision process – so that you will know the consequences when you say yes or no to things.
  • To align the expectations of the tasks you get.
  • To get a tool that will help you immerse
  • To relax when you are off – you can relax when you know you are on top of things.
  • To get your inbox in zero – every day!