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All partners in NEW Visions have many years of leadership and coaching experience from a wide range of different industries. We have many years of experience in development and training of employees and leaders in becoming more efficient and how to facilitate effective meetings.

Søren Dybdal

Owner, Partner & Head coach

Owner and founder of NEW Visions. Søren has trained more than 15,000 people since 1999. He is the author of the books “Get a grip on things” and “Effective Meetings and Competent Meeting Facilitation”. Søren has written a huge number of articles about Personal Efficiency. Søren is a much used lecturer. Customers and partners describe Søren as a very inspirational person with a lot of dynamics and power. On top of that he is extremely committed.

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Michael Thygesen

Director & Head coach

He has previously worked as a Sales Director at Eniro and Hartmanns. He has many years of experience as a Customer Service Director at Telenor and Debitel. He has more than 20 years of experience within leadership, optimization, efficiency and meeting facilitation. By customers and peers he is described as a dynamic, effective and inspiring person who are on top of things and reaches his goals. He is very powerful in what he does.

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Pia Valsted

Partner & Head Coach, Jutland and Funen

Pia has huge teaching experience and has for many years worked with personal planning and efficiency and how to optimize meetings. She is driven by results and is very focused on getting things done – at the same time Pia has the ability to see solutions in order to ensure that the customers reach their goals.

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Pia Ulsing

Partner & Stress prevention expert

Pia has a solid background working for Novo Nordisk and Novozymes for 22 years. In all the years she has worked with competence development of employees and leaders. Pia is an experienced facilitator and have for many years trained in personal efficiency in Denmark and around the world. Pia is also a stress prevention expert and co-author of the book "Vejen ud af arbejdsrelateret stress". She is described as a skilled and competent facilitator, with passion, humor and huge commitment.

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Jens Dahlsgaard

Partner & Head Coach

Jens has been working as a branch director in Nordea for many years and he knows that bad execution and bad planning has a high price. He is therefore very experienced in focusing on planning and prioritizing. He has trained in personal planning and efficiency for many years in Denmark and around the world. His level of energy is very high and he is described as committed, inspiring and trustworthy in his approach towards people. With his coaching and appreciative personality, he can push people and he loves to give and receive professional feedback.

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David Munk Møller

Partner & Head Coach

David has many years of practical experience with optimization of production processes, LEAN and personal efficiency. He is described as a very competence, emphatic and committed facilitator with a high professional level and he is very determined. David is driven by a huge desire to help others and make a positive change in their daily life.

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Anette Obenhausen

Partner & Head Coach

Anette has a strong HR and management experience within aviation, ranging from recruitment, training and personal development to management coaching and guidance. She has extensive teaching experience in personal efficiency and optimizing personal work habits at all organizational levels, both internationally and in Denmark. Anette is thinking very business-oriented and is ambitious in relation to achieving the target. She is known as a strong communicator with well-developed people skills and empathy, as well as a keen interest in IT and gadgets.

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Jette Lunddal Larsen

Partner & Head Coach

Jette has more than 10 years of experience as personal efficiency facilitator, and she has trained people at all organization levels in Demark as well as around the world. She is very good at analyzing people’s needs and challenges and based on that find the right solution. Besides Jette is very good at communicating and anchoring from theory to practice. Jette is described as an energetic and competent facilitator and it’s always with a smile.

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Dorthe Vinther

Partner & Head Coach

Dorthe has many years of leadership experience i.e. HR Director, Director of Development, Board member and Technical Leader. She has worked with development of strategies, organizations, leadership and talents. She has lots of experience with planning, prioritization and conducting efficient meetings and processes. Dorthe is very fervid, structured and determined and she is very driven by helping organizations, leaders and employees to development, success and higher satisfaction. She has a well-developed skill for making complex issues easy to understand.

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Bjarke Elbert

Partner & Head Coach

Bjarke has a broad experience within HR from several of the biggest companies in Denmark. He has worked with optimization of process and personal efficiency and he has 20 years of leadership experience. Bjarke is an experienced trainer and is described as serious, emphatic and authentic with an analytical and humorous approach. Bjarke has created results with is ability to make people believe in their own capabilities.

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Jens Schmidt

Partner & Head Coach

Jens has many years of experience within sales, leadership and executing big promotion tasks. Customers and business partners describe him as very good at boosting the energy level and always deliver a compelling and valuable presentation. Jens is highly motivated by making a difference.

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